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Happy Valentines Day 2018 Images Wishes Quotes

Valentine�s Day is celebrated each year on February 14th (2-14, the number of wishes is not a coincidence!) and it is common for people to share and exchange romantic gifts, cards, flowers and chocolates. Though Happy Valentines Day 2018, also known as Saint Valentine�s Day, is primarily observed by lovers, it is also somewhat common for friends to exchange Valentine�s wishes as well. For those being romantic, there is often an attempt to express one�s love and make the holiday meaningful and memorable. One of the most common ways to do that is to exchange Valentine�s Day cards containing Valentine�s poems or Valentine�s wishes and greetings.
Happy Valentines Day 2018
Happy Valentines Day 2018
Valentines Day Wishes for Friends:
  • May you have a happy and healthy Valentine�s Day full of love and joy!
  • To a friend who is always close to my heart, Happy Valentine�s Day.
  • I know that being single on Valentine�s Day can suck, but it�s better than dating an idiot!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, there is no better friend on this earth than you.
  • People come and go, but a friendship like ours lasts forever. Happy Valentine�s Day!
  • To all my friends and family, may you have a wonderful Valentine�s Day full of joy, love and peace.
  • This day is all about telling those you care about how much you love them. You are such an amazing.
  • Wishing you a Valentine�s Day filled with all the little things which make you happy.

    Happy Valentines Day 2018

    Valentine�s Wishes for Boyfriends:

    • Happy Valentine�s Day to the most amazing boyfriend in the world. Always be my valentine!
    • Valentine�s Day is a special day and tonight you are going to know exactly how special I can be!
    • I am so incredibly, ridiculously, insanely, overwhelmingly, extremely in love you with you my.
    • You are the only Valentine I need. I will always love you.
    • You are my destiny, you are my dream, you are my valentine, you are my everything.
    • I love you more than chocolate and flowers, but I really love it when you come with chocolate!
    • Happy Valentine�s Day to the guy who really knows how to pick an incredible girlfriend!
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      Valentine�s Wishes for Girlfriends:
      • If you will be my Valentine, I promise to always treat you like a queen.
      • I feel so proud that you are my girl and my Valentine. I promise to shower you with my love.
      • My Valentine is stunning, intelligent and hot, and she�s got a boyfriend who loves her a lot.
      • Love is beautiful, love is eternal, love is magical, love is you.
      • My days and nights are spent thinking about you. For you to be my valentine is my dream come true.
      • My heart is all yours. Happy Valentine�s day my girlfriend.
      • Roses are red, violets are blue, you�re the most beautiful Valentine, and the most amazing one too!
      • When I hold you in my arms and feel us melt into one, I am truly complete. Happy Valentine�s Day.
      • You bring joy to my day and love to my heart. I am so fortunate to be able to call you my girlfriend.
      • How many guys can say that their valentine is the girl of their dreams? Well, I can!
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        Happy Valentine�s Day Poems
        • My darling, my love, my angel, my universe,
          Today I shall spoil you, even carry your purse.
          Chocolates and flowers shall I give unto you,
          I will read you love poems and serenade you too.
          I shall follow you around and tend to every need,
          And wait on you hand and foot at such a great speed.
          You shall walk on rose petals strewn all about,
          And my love for you will be without a doubt.
          For today is Valentine�s and my love is so true,
          You�re the center of my world and I worship you too.
        • This Valentine�s for you,
          On this special day,
          You�ve opened up my heart,
          And shown me a better way.
          You gave me love,
          When there was nothing before,
          And on this special day,
          I thank you even more.
          For before you I was lost,
          And thanks to you I am found,
          And now I can feel a love,
          So incredibly profound.
          I love you so very much,
          More than words could ever say,
          To my beautiful loving angel,
          Have a happy Valentine�s Day!
        • When I say you�re my life, I hope you know that it�s true,
          When I tell you you�re my world, know that I only have eyes for you.
          When the words cannot come because you take my breath away,
          Know that I love you more than words could ever say.
          Happy Valentine�s Day my love!
        • Roses are red, violets are blue,
          Please be my Valentine, for I worship you!
        Happy Valentines Day 2018 Images
        Happy Valentines Day 2018
        Happy Valentines Day 2018 Images
        Happy Valentines Day 2018 Images

        We are going to end this post by wishing you an Happy Valentines Day 2018. Hope you are preparing something big for the romance festival. You can get confidence by reading these beautiful quotes and best Happy New Year 2018 Images It's your turn to share with your friends.

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        Happy Valentines Day 2018 Images Wishes Quotes
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