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Birthday Wishes for Friend with Images, Pictures, Photos

A birthday is a great time to show your friends how much they mean to you. Send cute birthday wishes for boyfriend & girlfriend and remind him that he is an important person in your life. Let them know that you want all their goals, hopes and dreams come true. Warm and heartfelt wishes will brighten up the day for anyone. So if you are looking for inspirational birthday wishes to write a birthday greeting, we hope you will find some good ideas on this page. Best friends are rare and so they deserve some rarer happy birthday quotes. Here is a unique collection of happy birthday quotes for best friends. Some are silly, some are sweet, but all are appropriate for a true friendship.

It�s a beautiful thought thinking of how long we have known each other. Best friends since childhood and I am certain into old age, we will be celebrating together for years to come. Happy birthday, dear friend!

Being friends as long as we have, people have started to say we look like alike. I can think of no greater compliment than to be called your sister, that�s for sure. Happy birthday to my closest friend!

Twice a year, we get to celebrate the gift of one another on our birthdays. Let�s make this one the most memorable (until mine comes around again, that is!). Happy birthday!

Here�s wishing you a birthday filled with blessings: the gold at the end of the rainbow, many four-leafed clovers, and the love of a good family. Happy birthday!

Another year older and you may think the fun of life is almost through. Trust me, dear friend, it is just beginning. Here�s to our fun and fabulous friendship! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the dearest friend who has been always by my side! Your friendship keeps me strong and moving up in life!
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Get ready for an exciting birthday celebration with your friends this weekend. It will be more than memorable. Happy birthday, friend!

The value of a friendship isn�t measured by time, but rather by the moments and memories shared. We may not be lifelong friends, but you truly are my best friend. Happy birthday!

Do you want to know the best part of my life? It is you! Without you, my days would not be as bright and my future not as hopeful. Thank you for your friendship. Happy birthday!

Best friendships are like soccer matches. Many more goals are achieved when we work together. Happy birthday to my favorite teammate in life!

If our friendship was a legal contract, it would be just five words � I�ll Be There For You. Happy birthday.

If Facebook was a real thing, mine would have just one friend � YOU. Happy birthday.

Have the most joyful and glamorous birthday, besty!

Happy birthday to the friend who knows me like no one else does, and is that person in my life who no one else can be.

Isn�t life ironic? I am celebrating the countdown towards death, of the same person without whom I would be unable to live life. Happy birthday.

(From one girl to another) My best friend � the person with whom I would have definitely made out if she was a guy. Happy birthday bestie.

Our friendship is like the Sun. Even when you can�t see me, I�m always shining for you. Happy birthday.

I wish you the most adorable morning, the most beautiful day and the most exciting night on your Birthday, my friend!

The last time I blew the candles on my birthday cake, I wished for a friend who�d look out for me and stay with me through thick and thin. My wishes came true, when I found a friend in you. Happy birthday.

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day � these are the only times I think about you. Happy birthday my friend.

Best friends like you are parents, teachers and lovers all combined into one magical personality. Happy birthday.

Finding your value in my life would be like finding water in the ocean � it�s always there. Without you, I would be empty. Happy birthday my friend.

On your special day I�d like to wish that everything you�ve been dreaming about start coming true!, Happy Birthday

I promise to light up your life even after you blow the candles away. Happy birthday.x

Just like how wine is incomplete without having something on the side to munch, without you my life simply does not pack a punch. Happy birthday to my best friend.

The warmest bday greetings to my amazing friend who is a great source of strength and happiness! I wish you all the best things that life can bring! Happy Birthday Friend

Cheesecakes, tiramisu and gooey tarts � may your life be as sweet as these goodies is the wish I make with all my heart. Happy birthday.

Thanks for hearing the words I never said, and understanding my mind which no one else has ever read. Happy birthday to my bestie.

May this day be so happy that smile never fades away from your face, Happy Birthday dear friend!

When you are not around me I feel unlucky. With you by my side, I feel happy and free. Happy birthday mate.

If I was asked to write a birthday wish for you, I�d just draw a heart � because that�s what our friendship means to me. Happy birthday.

Congratulations on your special day! May it bring you lots of fun, love, joy and much more! Happy Birthday

Every minute I spend hanging out with you is more precious than gold, because it is a priceless memory that I am going to cherish when I am old. Happy birthday buddy.

I may not be an expert at being your best friend but I promise to try again and again till my dying breath. Happy birthday.

Today is your day, so it�s time to enjoy your favourite things and feel happy!  , inspirational birthday wishes

I do hope that your birthday cake is the sweetest one ever, but it can never be as sweet as our friendship. Happy birthday.

Just being around you helps me get more out of each breath. Happy birthday my friend, I will love you to death.

It is always good to remember you, my friend, especially on your Big Day. Make it unforgettable! Happy Birthday

Do you ever just sit back and think about how awesome our friendship is? I do and I love it! Happy birthday dear friend.

Do you want to know the best part of my life? It is you! Without you, my days would not be as bright and my future not as hopeful. Thank you for your friendship. Happy birthday!

May your life be beautiful like a blooming garden in spring! Happy Birthday Friend

They say the best things in life are free. Good thing for me, so is friendship. Happy birthday!

F.R.I.E.N.D. = Faithful Relationship In Every New Day

Happy birthday to my dear friend! Thank you for being always there for me during all ups and downs. May life bring you a great happiness and true joy!

Your simple hug has wiped my tears many times and your simple laugh has brought happiness into my face. Happy birthday.

Wishing a very happy birthday to that person whose presence in my life means a lot. Thanks buddy and have a wonderful birthday.

Life has given me an amazing gift � good friend like you! Have a great birthday!

Wishing you with a simple text and hope all your wishes may come true in the coming year.

You are such a wonderful friend that needs no description. Hope many more blessings will follow you in the coming years.

Wishing you a joyful, memorable day and an amazing year! Happy birthday, buddy!

Your loyalty and integrity cannot be compared to anyone else. You are truly different in every aspect. Wishing a very happy and colorful birthday to the person who admires me the most.

Friend, I believe that you have everything that can be found in a true friend. I�ll not mention myself as lucky because I already know that I�m. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! Let us make this day as incredible as you, buddy. May it be simply awesome!

Family members cannot be chosen, but friends can be. I�m very lucky that I�ve chosen the right person to share everything. Wishing you a gorgeous birthday.

You cannot stop to have birthdays and of course you cannot stop being my best friend. It�s really great to have a friend like you in my life. Happy birthday.

I wish that every candle on your birthday cake brings you a reason to be happy!

I had many friends but all I needed was to find a true friend like you. Let�s celebrate your birthday.

You are best ever friend I�ve ever found in my life and I believe I won�t get a better one in my imagination too. Happy birthday dear.

I�ve made all arrangements for someone to drive us home. Do you know why? Because we are going to celebrate and have a party for your Birthday!

It always feels great when you find your best buddy around you to have all the fun you were looking. Wishing you a happy birthday.

We talk every day, meet every day and still it feels that I need your more company. Friend, I�ve placed you in my heart.

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Hope you enjoyed these awesome birthday wishes for boyfriend & girlfriend with images. Please Don�t forget to share birthday wishes for friend to your Friends and family member. and you might want to check out our list of inspirational birthday wishes as well.

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