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New Year Decoration Tables Ideas | Happy New year 2018

I created this video about decoration of table. Because we are all know that happy new year is most famous and lovely event of year. it's have many importance in many people life becauz new year fresh start and have infinite possibilites. please read arrticle about decoration of tables and watch videos


1. Place a beautiful table cover on the table. Use the colour of the table cover as per the colour scheme you have chosen for your party. If you are choosing a light coloured table cover then also cover it with a transparent plastic table cover to avoid it being from getting dirty. Transparent plastic table covers not only protects your table cover but also beautifies your table.

2. After draping the table with best table cover, set the dinner set also as per your table cover. Suppose if you are using silver table cover then go with white china.

3. Cover the serving plates with foil and also add paper napkins to the plates in which you are going to serve oily or fried food like Makki Panner Pakoda.

4. Also in between the table you can put a glass bowl with floating candles and rose petals.

5. Another thing you can put a flower vase. You can add fresh flowers if available or floral arrangement made from silk or dried flowers .Also you can arrange these on the dining table include one large vase or several single vases with one or two flowers in each.
6. Don�t forget about the lighting. You can plan a candle light dinner or dim lights are also preferable.

7. Another sparkly idea is sprinkle some confetti for a little pop of sparkly flare.

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New Year Decoration Tables Ideas | Happy New year 2018
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